It is Always a Challenge to Just Let Go and Believe

Challenge 4 3

And my challenge to you today is to let go of having to know how much, when, and where all of the things you seek to manifest will appear.  That is a challenge.  I know because I am a planner, and I always try to forecast, predict, and figure it out before it happens.  But letting it go, and just believing that it will happen and it will happen at the right time for you has taken at least five years of my life.  But I am there, most moments, and it really has been delightful.

You see when you try to take control, when you forecast, when you predict, when you try to “figure it out”, you are actually putting a limit on what is actually meant to come your way.  That, I guess, if where the saying “this or something more” came into play.  Allow God, the Universe, your higher power, to give you all that is meant for you without putting a limit on it!

Challenge:  Try it!


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