Feeling Your Power

Life is Good Can You Feel It

While I have never personally met Michael Beckwith, I love him!  He is the personification of good and kindness.  Many may not know of his work with money, but it is a favorite part of my journey over the past years.  His quote really resonated with me, especially after I read Tama Kieves’ thought for today dealing with the fact that no one has more power than you.

When I began this blog today, I thought, I do not have a continuum of flow from day to day; but in a way, I really do.  Everything to do with money has to do with self esteem, confidence, decision making, and more; and that is all about self power!  So a flow or not, and “flow” is a favorite  word of mine, I must say, what I write daly comes form the heart and passion I have of helping people work well with their money.  What has come to me after hearing from the founder of Oratory Glory, Holly Murchison, yesterday at a community gathering in Oberlin, Ohio, is that  what I do is help people maximize their communications with money!  It is something I have to play with, but communication is the key, and maybe, just maybe, communicating with money is what no one has been taught to do.  How can you transition and transform your relationship with money until you know how to communicate effectively with money?

Communication gives you power…I really need to give this more thought.  If you have thoughts on this concept, please share with me.


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