Will You Be Your Own Hero?

Wanting %22it%22 more than fearing %22it%22

We all look at the facts when we make a decision.  But do we look at the facts with love or fear?  While the quote is sourced to Bill Cosby, I believe it has a lot to say.  Disregard the source, please.

Whether you look at the facts through the eyes of fear or love totally influences your decisions.  And fear or love come to you through the stories of your life, whether they are your personal stories or stories that others have told you!

When you look through the eyes of love, you want what you are deciding on–you are open to it.  When you loo through the eyes of fear–you are oh so very closed.

Yes, I deal with money and feelings about money based on firm financial facts.  But the love or fear factor influence everything you do with money!


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