Intent on Satisfying Your Life?

Intention Without Discipline

Caroline Myss is a wonder!  Truly a wonder…

Her quote “Intention without discipline is useless.” really speaks me this morning.  This Sunday morning…

So many times, especially early in a new year, people are so “intent” on getting the answers so that they can make the changes they really want, or so they think.  But do they really know what they want?  Sometimes these resolutions, intentions, etc. are so forced that they come apart with the first obstacle, with the first snowfall, with the first negative day they experience.  

I am always referring to “letting go” in all areas of life.  I do not do resolutions.  Quite a while ago I became e believer in knowing that what I am supposed to be doing was imprinted on my soul before my birth.  It is up to me to be aware every moment of my life so that I can hear my soul speak to me through intuition and more.  I also need to be quiet enough on a regular enough basis so that through my various forms of meditation I can hear the voice of God talking to me, guiding me through each microsecond of my life.  It is all according to that pre-birth plan.  It is life from birth that has enveloped me in “other” things that take me away from my purpose.  For many years now, I have been peeling away the skins of the onion.  

Folks repeatedly tell me that I am “so organized”.  Yikes!  If they only knew.  Disciplined is what I am.  My whole life has been learning personal discipline.  Not the discipline of the nun-type at St. Michael’s School in Cleveland or St. Francis DeSales in Parma.  Staying in line with their thinking, even when I disagreed totally, was the discipline I needed to get through elementary school.  I have always been a boat rocker, a questioner; something that was looked upon with disdain in the Catholic home and school environment.  Today, I am still the boat rocker and questioner; but today I do the rocking and questioning internally.  It is rare when those qualities are voiced; it has to be a major personal value being in danger that will do it.  

Fast forward to who I am today…  I am a boat rocker.  I am a questioner.  I am no longer the traditional Catholic; I am a died-in-the-wool believer in God, my Archangel Michael, and the Universe.  I am a Universal Catholic who truly knows what my purpose in life is all about.  I just do not know how it will look or turn out to be when others look back at the moment of my death.  Nor do I care; I really do not care what others think.  I care what I think about what I do.  Yes, I have my intentions to follow my purpose in life, and I do it with intense discipline:  the discipline of staying in the moment, each moment, listening to my soul and the voice of God keeping me on my path… keeping me true to my intention.

Let me close with the analogy of Hansel and Gretel who wisely, and with discipline, left crumbs on their way to the gingerbread house with the intention that they could find their way back home.  I know, and I constantly listen to the audio “cookie crumbs” leading me not back but forward to living the beautiful life that is to be had with the intention and discipline of living in the moment.  So much for a Sunday morning!


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