Your Values Create Your Inner Wisdom!

Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom, values, intuition…so many ways to think about what is important to you.  All of these intangibles come from life experience.  And they are constantly changing.

And they all contribute to your own personal money relationship.  Inner wisdom is important to use as our own moral compass when it comes to money and everything else in life.  We learn throughout our life, and those learnings become our inner wisdom.  They also create our intuition, which I like to think of as the totality of our life’s experiences telling us quietly what to do at any moment.  And all of it has to do with values.  Values help you find your way and to find other like-minded people to join you on your path.  They are the personal guidelines that help you with intuition to make decisions in every part of your life.

What do you look for in other people?  Remember, this is almost a mirror-like image of yourself at your best.  It is what is important to you.

  • do you think about others first?
  • do you think bigger than yourself?
  • do you have a contagious passion?
  • do you support others?
  • do you possess a can-do spirit?
  • do you have an activist spirit?
  • do you stand out from the crowd?

There are thousands of possibilities besides these to determine your values…this is all up to you.  It is one of the primary areas of decision making for you to start trusting your decision making because you cannot be wrong about your values.  Think about starting here…and become a decision maker!


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