So Who Do You Trust When It Comes to Money Advice?


Are you a Suze Orman fan?  David Bach?  Dave Ramsey?  All good people; all with their own separate style.

I keep up with them to a certain degree, but I am slightly turned off by folks who scream at you, tell you how to be rich, and preach from a pulpit.  They are all good people.

Money is very personal.  Everyone talks “budgets”; I prefer “spending plans”.  To find your personal money style, you have to be gentle.  You do not have to be screamed at, preached to, or told in a dozen different books the same information on “how to finish rich”!  You have to begin with you.  

Yes, there are certain general principles; but you have to take a serious look at your life, how you relate to money, and then go from there.  If you take care of the symptoms, you are taking care of the root causes.  The problems will return, and the screamer, the preacher, and marketer will have you as a client for life.  Would it be better for you to find out who you are in relationship to money and then address the issues that cause you money distress?  

Just saying…


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