Listen toYourself and Be Astonished!

Live Your Purpose

It is Sunday, and I overslept so this blog is getting done in the late afternoon, but that is a good thing…

The sleep was great, but, even though I slept later than I had planned, I listened to the whisper in my soul this week and began attending the Community of St. Peter in Cleveland this morning.  I think I am a member, but I am not sure.  I was there in the beginning days of the Community, and then life got priority.  But once my grandson, Liam, was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith in the Spring of 2015, it has been my intent to reacquaint myself with the Community.

For those of you who know the history of the Community, you may like or dislike my choice; however, that is for you to know.  I do not really care; it felt like coming home this morning, and 2016 is the future not the past.  But I digress.

I have completed a card indicating intent to be a member in whatever case.

The quote above:  “Listen to the whisper in your soul.  Trust your heart.  Live your purpose” is a quote from a dear friend Jody Soland.  This is a friend who I seldom see but I always know that she is there for me, and I for her.  But the quote really reflects my state of mind this new year.  I am listening to the whispers in my soul, I am trusting my heart, and I am living my purpose.  I am taking each day by each moment.  I am aware of what is happening, and it does astonish me.  I have discovered my strengths, and I am living my beliefs.  I know I will accomplish so much this year on the way to living my purpose.

This morning at the community of St. Peter, before the conclusion of the celebration, Father Marrone gave an anointment  to one of the members.  This was special for the woman because she is having surgery and felt that this anointment would be good for her, and it will be.  But I believe we are all anointed from the moment of conception; we just have to recognize it.  The Universe is there for us always; it is we who have to listen, to see, and to be astonished not only by the Universe but also by ourselves!


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