Making the Right Decision From the Beginning

Inner Wisdom

Making decisions is easy for me…usually!  But with the New Year, there were so many choices to use for my first blog of 2016.  And then there were so few if I was going to stay positive and move forward with love.

What has been top of mind is a leftover from 2015…It is a “WTF” situation where I was presented an opportunity, courted fast and furious along the road to realization, lied to by a principal I would be tied to for almost a year, and then “nothing” even with my appropriate followup.  The opportunity, in my realm of possibilities, died with the falling of the ball in Times Square at midnight.  It was an easy decision for me:  Did I really want to work with such a situation?  WTF

But that decision led to another major topic to blog about:  following Divine Guidance, which in the above case was to not be sidetracked away from my mission and purpose in life:  EMPOWER Excellence.  That was in my heart and soul from the beginning of the above escapade.  It was a temptation that I was not meant to give into, and, because it looked like I was caving, the Universe stepped in.  No longer WTF!  It now became GRATITUDE!

Another possibility to blog about was to eliminate poor language choices, such as any post that included the word F_ _ _!  And several posts lately included that word, but no more.

SO THE DECISION TO USE THE THEME OF “INNER WISDOM” became the choice.  After all, it is the foundation of decision making.  Listening to my inner wisdom has become easier and easier the wiser I have become.  It comes with experience…  But it is the wise thing to do as I start 2016 and as I want to be a mentor, a role model, and a good person, not in the eyes of others but in the eyes of my heart and soul!


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