Starting the New Year EARLY…


the day after Christmas is my New Year the last few years…

it is a time when I can breathe and take stock and be grateful for so many things

there was a shout of joy this morning when I realized I kept my calendar open for the total week between today and January 4th!

yes, I will be working part of the time, but I know my need for solitude and planning time and just to be alone, and I actually planned for it this year!

In a Christmas gift, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Krause, I have learned that I am a “Calm & Confident” Time Manager…  And that alone made em feel more confident with how I do manage my time.  But seeing the calendar clear for over 8 days is heavenly!

My transformational symbol, the butterfly is so happy, its wings are flapping happily!  Stay tuned for the next 8 days, transformation is underway!


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