There is a New Story for Each & Every One of Us…


It is a brilliant sunny afternoon in Northeast Ohio, at least where I am.  A mere 30 miles away they have been blessed with several inches of snow.  There is never a certainty for any of us in any part of our lives.  Everything changes, so why are we so hesitant to change our story to move us forward, or to move us back to whom we really are?

This has been a Saturday morning cleaning out my office.  Yes, it is the end of the year, and, yes, there are new things on my horizon.  I want to be ready, and I am happy with the cleaned up office.  I have brought in brighter pillows, cleaned off the barricade of binders and more on my desk.  I can actually see more sunshine now, and this all makes me happy!

Don’t ask me what motivated the physical action to do this because I do not know.  I do know that, whenever possible, I follow my mental motivator to move from one thing to another, and I usually accomplish a lot.  

What I also do know is that my morning meditations always lead to action whether it is physical, emotional, personal or professional.  This morning was no different, and you are about to hear some things from me that I usually do not  include in my blogs.

First off, politically correct or not, I am going to talk about politics.  This is too important not to talk about.  Values and ethics are way too important to me, but government and politics have had a very big role in my professional life.  I have been out of that sector for almost 20 years, and government and politics have changed, and I have kept away from it all.  But no longer.

I have watched as many presidential debates this year that I can without anything but basic cable and my tablet will allow.  Yes, I do not have what everyone looks at as traditional cable.  I have basic cable because I do not watch much television.  That is another topic which I do not want to pursue at this time.

And I have tried to be neutral about which party I am supporting.  I have read books about certain candidates on both sides of the aisle.  I used to be a Hillary Clinton supporter, but no longer.  Her values bother me, and she is a little too hawkish for me.  But her stand on GMO–she is for it–found me taking her bumper sticker off of my bumper.  It is all about values, and GMO is not in my value portfolio!  Another topic I will not go into at this time.

After watching what I have of the debates, I still find myself going back to the ultra liberal position of supporting Bernie Sanders.  Yes, Bernie Sanders.  I do believe we can have a better world that is kinder, safer, and more prosperous for all.  Economic equality and security are high on my values list.  I have tried to like others but there is always a deal breaker that I cannot live with such as women’s rights and health.  

So here it goes, I am a liberal.  I think that I am a caring person who is optimistic that we are going through a transformation, through a paradigm shift, that corporate America is not a citizen (yes, I have read most of David Korten’s books), that everyone should have healthy, affordable food and health care, that education could solve so many of our problems, that our government leaders need to be replaced with citizen government that cares.  That is the secret, we have to care.  We have to care for ourselves, we have to care for each other, we have to learn about the rest of the world.  One by one, we have to care.

Call me naive, I am not.  Call me stupid, I am not.  Call me a liberal, yes I am.  I believe we are all connected all the way back to the Big Bang.  We are all a part of God, the Universe, and other beliefs.  

I am a healthy eater.  I do not believe in most doctors.  I do believe we can heal ourselves given enough education and access to education, health care when needed, and healthy food.  I have proven that more than once in my life.  

I believe we have become a fear- based society… Fear of not having enough, fear of not having what our neighbors have, fear of not having a home, fear of not having food, fear of heart disease, fear of diabetes, fear of losing our jobs, fear of hurricanes, fear of floods, fear of forest fires, fear of going to Hell, fear of being a sinner, fear of not going to church,  fear of terrorists, fear of racial tension, fear of the police, fear of being raped, fear of having a gun, fear of not having a gun, fear that our children will not be accepted into the “right” schools all the way from pre-pre school through college, and more and more, and more.

Life is meant to be lived not to be feared.  Going back to basic simple practices whether meditation, yoga, walking a beach, eating the food the Earth puts forth, and more can bring us back to our basic human nature.  We are all part of the flow since the Big Bang.  Nature is our world, it is our greatest teacher.  It is simple.

What Bernie Sanders represents is going back to basically caring for each other.  It is not important how it will be paid for.  Once an intention is put forth, the Universe finds a way.  Whether that is one person or millions, one by one, it can be done.  

What prompted all of this today…the DNC fiasco with the Bernie Sanders campaign.  Having been a part of the governmental system on all levels–city, state, national –I do not believe either the RNC or the DNC are without their own politics, and they are not pretty or clean.  They are the establishment.  But step by step, we have seen change worldwide.  They need to change.  Bernie Sanders reflects change I would like to see.  I do not care whether you agree with me or not.  That is up to you.  All I ask is that you do care about being a part of the process to elect a President who will really care…care enough to be the difference, not the same old, and Donald Trump, if I may say so, would be the worst choice on oh so may counts.  I prefer “Gentle” to “Gorilla”!


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