Something Wonderful is Happening & I am a Part of the Wonder!

Yes, this is all about self-love at the time of the year when love is running rampant, and that is wonderful!  Make sure you are a part of it.  Become a self love promoter, and do it today!

Every moment of our lives something wonderful is happening!

It is up to us to be in the moment, to be aware of the wonder, and to be aware of how we fit into the wonder of the moment!  Sometimes that is hard, I will agree.  I have my moments when I feel that Mercury Retrograde is a permanent part of my life.  (And I do know that Mercury Retrograde is on its way in the door!)  Last night was one when my dependable G Drive Slim backup hard drive is not behaving in a way I can understand!  Then the dishwasher which is brand new totally will not work.  Yes, I did my due diligence with both — The G Drive Slim is on hold for now since I backed everything up this past Sunday.  For the dishwasher, I even checked if the circuit breaker had popped–it had not.  The Maintenance call has been scheduled since there were some funky things happening earlier this week with the dishwasher.  So it was time to let it go, and believe that like always God and the Universe will point me in the way of a solution.  And I went on with my evening, once I took all of the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, washed them in the sink, dried them, and then put them all away.  I really need the dishwasher as I do not have time to “do the dishes” and I like a tidy kitchen!  That was the wonderful moment–I do not have time to do dishes!  And I am grateful for that recognition of a need for self love, and I love the dishwasher!

A point of wonder is the recognition that I do love myself, and I do love where I am at in my life.  More than that, I also realize that what folks refer to as “luck” is not luck, it is a life of preparation, of doing what my soul, heart, and mind have called me to do.  And the path being made clear over the past years is now manifesting every step of the way.  Ironically, this all has very little to do with money.

Yes, I said this has very little to do with money.  I work with money relationships, so money is what I am all about; but where I am has happened in spite of money.  I credit faith, perseverance, trust, discipline, and listening to what my soul, heart, and mind are telling me.  It was finding the path through the chaos of daily life to reach a point where I can go to a quiet space to talk with God.  This is a conundrum because I believe we are all a part of God since the Big Bang, so, in essence, I am talking to myself.  I will not even go there.  But my quiet time, meditative time, brings me realizations that are mind blowing!  So I make the time to be quiet.  It brings me back to my wonder on a daily basis.  

YES, something wonderful is happening, and, YES, I am part of the wonder…and the best is yet to come!


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