Can We See When Things “turn on a dime”?

Butterfly Philosophy

Sometimes I feel stuck because I am trying to make my personal and professional life all better all at once, and it just is not going as quickly as I would like to see it move.  Lately I am trying to totally live in each moment including what I meditate on–it is no longer a meditation marathon every morning and evening.  It is one small focus.  Breaking it down into teeny, tiny pieces makes it much easier.

But more than that, when I am meditating, the aftermath of each few minutes is shifting–it is God, the Universe, my Guardian Angel, Michael, alerting me to what I have accomplished in broader brushstrokes than I tend to think in.  

Months ago I planned to grow my one women’s networking group into a regional entity.  Well, that has now become a reality with a presence in three counties bordering Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio.  While I have been working in this venue, I never jumped out of my space to see what I have created–Professional Women’s Connection is a regional networking organization!  That turned on a dime!  I almost missed it as I moved on.

My intentions also included becoming more aware of me and keeping me healthy in all ways.  Just recently I set out modifying my metabolism with a very unique eating plan.  Today is Day 8, and I have lost 5 pounds while full of energy while feeling full.  Cravings for salty and sugary foods are under control.  I am exercising regularly.  That is great, but what I am also experiencing is a new recognition of creativity..fueled by my love of the lake and beach glass.  There is a side of me that has been dormant for a long time.  That turned on a dime!

Moving forward, I am on a precipice of planning for 2016.  Having laid out the basics for my business, a new piece of information over which I have no control other than what I have done in response to the recognition of an opportunity presents a mental ping pong game of pros and cons…  This is a game I cannot win at this stage of play, so I have turned it over to God.  Who knows?  This, too, could turn my life and business on a dime.  It is not up to me, is it?  I am just a player in the game with my eye on the ball so I CAN SEE WHEN THINGS TURN ON A DIME!

And who knows?  I may just see the butterfly that I have become and keep changing…


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