What Does Your Present Moment Feel Like?

Purple Present Moment

And how do you feel in this moment?

It is a Wednesday in the early part of December.  The holidays are upon us big time!  But the present moment is all you have.  It is all I have.  I want to convey something to you in this moment that might make a difference in your moment.  You are important to me, no matter who you are.  Why?  Because we are all connected, really and truly, ever since the Big Bang!  You and I are living in a world where the United States was looked upon as a leader.  I am not sure that that is still true.  And yet, in the same moment, I truly believe we are living in a paradigm shift.  I am not sure where I am going, where you are going, where we are going, but I do know this.  I am disenchanted with our so-called political leaders who want to be the ones to lead this country for four years beginning in January of 2017.  And that is coming from someone who has a political and government background.  I do know that I am not sure I  can live in the United States if Donald Trump were to become our President.  There I said what I have been feeling in many moments lately.  This is a scary time for someone who chooses not to be fearful and to take risks.  However, I am not willing to risk my future with Trump being a front runner for President.  He was thought to be  a passing fad, but the more ridiculous he becomes, the higher his ratings go.  And, while many think he will blow himself out of the race, I am not quite so sure.  Just thinking in the moment…  Boy, did not intend to go down this road when I sat down to write today’s blog.


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