Let’s Have Women Mentor Women in Networking!

Put Feet on Your Wishes

Women need to help women in the business world.  

One of the reasons is that women are more qualified than ever to take charge in the workplace whether as employees or EMPLOYERS.  And they have worked for that status.  Let’s look at the educational attainments as cited by Sarah Sipek in a recent article in Workforce Magazine:

  • Women hold 57% of bachelor’s degrees
  • Women hold 51% of all doctorates
  • Women hold 45% of all law degrees
  • Women hold 45% of all MBAs

And there are countless numbers who are working for an associates degree or additional entrepreneurial training…

Gender bias continues as well as office politics.  Yes, employers need to address this, but there is something every woman can do.  Women who are in the business place can mentor just one woman, and women who want to be in the business place in any capacity can seek a mentor for themselves no matter at what level they are currently.

This is not simply a rant, this is a commitment on my part, and that commitment has led to a very small, but priceless, grant by the Community Foundation of Lorain County Women’s Fund to help with the development of The Partnering Program.  It is time for women to partner with other women to learn how to effectively network.

Are you ready to be part of a women’s networking group in Northeast Ohio which will not only give money and time to helping other women but it will also be a very personal commitment to another woman to spend a year being a mentor to a woman who is pursuing an Associate degree, a woman who is working to support her family but has entrepreneurial hopes, a woman who is unsure of her career path but knows that she can achieve more?

Stay tuned…that opportunity is here.




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