Peacefulness is Being Placid…among other things…


Believing that God is the Spirit Within Each of Us Really does Bring Clarity to Everything, Makes It True That God is One of Us…

I love the water, and I hate the water.  It is that simple.  Hating the water, I have learned over the years, has to do with distress I suffered in utero.  As a fetus, I had the experience of almost drowning.  Long story, and it is only relevant now to refer to when I will not put my face in the water wherever I am –pool, lake, ocean!  Water in that context is not peaceful.

Water in general, however, does have a very calming effect on me and on most people.  Some of my most peaceful journeys are to Lake Erie.  The emotions of the lake can calm my emotions very quickly. I love the lake when it is choppy and unsettled, and I love the lake when it is calm and placid.  I reflect those emotions either being in a chaotic–yet productive–mood and being peaceful.

The elements are all a part of a higher being, a Universe, and the spirit of God resides in a ll of nature, so I believe knowing that makes me feel peaceful and placid, no matter what the emotional mood of the Lake.  It signals to me that it is ok for me to be unsettled and choppy as long as I remember that it is also ok for me to be peaceful.  And at those unsettled times, I look to the Lake for the reminder that God is within all of us and all of natures, and that makes me feel more settled.  And that is good!



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