Are You Living In Your Imagination?

Cumulative Life Experience

It is a Friday, and that is good.  But on Fridays, I like to encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you head into the weekend.  Especially when it comes to money.  If you have ever been told that you need to live in reality, you really need to be gentle with yourself.  Your imagination, or dream world,  is real for you.  Every moment of our life we are playing a role, and many of us have imaginary roles until they they do become our reality.  And I do speak from experience.  Recently catching up with business friends that had not seen me for probably 10 years, I realized that where I am today was never in my “plan”.  But then I did not really have a plan.  I have learned over the years to live in the moment trusting that my path would be made clear if I kept the faith that I was headed in the direction of empowering excellence in people with their money relationships.

While your current situation may not match you yet, keep the faith that it will.  

It is important that you gently understand who you are and what your dream is for your life while you are keeping the faith that your imaginary you is really you not yet actualized! 


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