Choosing to be a Coach Rather Than a Healer!

Michael Beckwith Quote for Use with Money!

This is an important blog post only because it all came to me during meditation this morning, and those are always game changers for me.  I had the opportunity to learn about a “money healer”.  I took my time and learned more about them, and I was not surprised to find that they are selling what I am doing.  That is okay with me.  But the further internal thought overnight brought me to this conclusion.  Healers may have special powers; but then so does every single person born into this world–they only have to tune in and then develop those powers.  Yes, it takes time and few take that time to discover their own powers.  They turn to healers, and that is good.  But they do it to find the magical cure.

My energy background could lead me to label myself a “healer” but that is not my style.  I am a “coach”; I work with you to help you discover you, yourself, and your path forward.  I help make you accountable.  

The difference is major:

With a healer, the change may not take hold permanently because you have turned your power over to the healer initially.

With a coach, I make sure that you want the change, know that you have the power, and you make the change permanently because it emanated from you!

You are the difference!


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