When It Comes to Money, Do Not Go Looking for Trouble!


Money has become TOO much a part of our lives; and we cannot change that as long as we want to eat, have shelter, and at the minimum have clothing and health!  But we do not have to go searching for problems with money.  Money is not life; life uses money to make life what it is.  Use money to achieve what you see as your passion, your mission!  Yes, you have to do the work to gain the money to live your life; but, do not make money your end all. 

Several years ago when I started my company, I worried about money–I am a planner, I made money working with others to determine how long their money would last–how long they could live.  But EMPOWER Excellence was more about the person than the money, and I have transformed my life in this manner as well.  My mission is clear; I know what my life is; the money supports that, and it does–flow!

Be like the lighthouse!  Stand strong!  Be the light!  If there is a problem, you will allow it to flow to you and also allow yourself to be the strength to solve the problem.  You will once you are in the flow!  Let the lighthouse and water be your beacon!



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