Living in the Moment With Money!

Present Moment

Yes, living in the moment also works with money.

As a real fan of Eckhart Tolle, I do live in the moment.

Sometimes too much so, but it is a far cry of what I used to do.

Yes, I keep close track of my money, but I have also learned to hold onto more of it for a longer period of time.

But I do trust my intuition when it tells me that it time to do something.

If I am on the road, and I remember that I need to get a gift for someone, and I am right in front of the store where I can purchase that gift.  I have the money, I stop, I buy the gift.  I do not go over and over the decision in my mind.  If I am on the road, and I remember to stop and get gas for the next week, I stop and buy the gas, only judging the decision on how many gallons to buy by the current price.  There are many examples.

I strongly dislike my cable company, but I have no say in what company I can use in my city.  I do not, and this is a specific decision I made a long time ago, pay until I have to!  But then when the moment hits that my head and intuition tell me to pay the cable bill, I do!  

What I am saying is that living in the moment with money acknowledges that you know how much money you have, you know what your obligations will be, but you do not spend minutes, hours, or days laboring over the money decisions — you know in the moment what the right decision is.  You do not go back and have anxiety about what you did in the past, and you do not spend time worrying about the future because you know in the moment that the decision you are making is the right decision.  You make the decision, and you move on, in the flow because you know the money will flow.  You have done the work, you have the faith in what you do to produce your cash, and you believe in you and the Universe in its ability to provide for you!

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