Yes, to Start, I Need to Let Shit Go!

butterfly shit

in every part of my life, it is a constant reminder that I need to let shit go!

Excuse my irreverence, but I do need to let shit go.

And shit includes:

People who are a source of anxiety, aggravation, stress, and more!

And that includes biological family that just do not get me!

Nor do they accept me!

That is the important piece because they never have and never will accept me.

Maybe they think I do not know this:  Give me a break!

I am letting them go!

Shit also includes:

Money when it becomes more than what it is: a tool!

That is all it is.

It is an important tool for it is the barter that brings all I need in a material way to me.

But it also can be a source of anxiety, aggravation, stress, and more!

I am letting money go!

Really that is the shit in my life:  siblings and money, but no more!

Patience with me, I have let both of these areas of shit out of my life.

And it feels soooooooooo good!


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