Welcome To My World, Really! And Money is Just a Small Part of It!

i live in my own little world...

Ok, the annual birthday is over!

The Days of Witchcraft are over for another 365 days!

You know if you were touched by my spells yesterday!

Those spells had nothing to do with judgment or deserving to have a spell cast on you!

This year, there were no money spells!

That is important, and the reason there were no money spells in 2015 is because Money is Really My Friend this year and it gets very little of my attention on a personal level this year.  It is just flowing, and I will not interrupt that flow!

Do not get me wrong.  I am a Transformational Money Coach working with people and their money relationships.  But it is not the money that usually needs attention.  It is the person’s relationship with money that needs their attention.  I just facilitate the process.  And I am good at that!  So the money flows! 

My spells yesterday had mainly to do with me:

  • I am in my own little world, and it is ok because those who are in my little world do know me and we are all ok with each other.
  • My own little world will no longer include my bloodline siblings.  They are not ok with me, and my world has had a spell cast upon me so that I do not fall back into bad habits and welcome the siblings back into my world!
  • I cast a spell upon me to get me back out into nature TODAY and every day!
  • I cast a spell upon me to take better care of me over the next year.
  • Another spell is to keep my blood pressure healthy — today 121/80!  Good spell!
  • Another spell was to consciously eat healthy very day at every meal!

If I can keep these spells active for 365 days, it will save me money with:

  1. No medical expenses
  2. No Psychiatric expenses
  3. No Unnecessary expenses regarding food!

Just a small part of my world, but really priceless!


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