What is the Color of Empowerment?


EMPOWER is Indigo, or the 7 o’clock position above.  It is understanding, intuition, and mysticism.  It is you being a part of the whole Universe.  Yesterday was a mystical, magical day in a very pedestrian environment.  I had the privilege of being invited to a corporate wellness event in two different locations of the company.  This was a manufacturing environment with many local folks in each location seeking to live and thrive in very diverse situations.

Armed with my silver magic wands, I saw a lot of people–most folks there–stop and smile when they were given a very simple magic wand.  Over the years, I have found that this simple token given with a smile has worked very well to have people stop, forget the onus on money, and share their view on money.  It broke down barriers, it made people feel valued, and it was a way that they could use it however they were comfortable using it.

What the simple magic wand does–stemming from the stories of our childhood with fairy godmothers and more–is to give power to the receiver of it, magical powers of the imagination to be with their money, no matter how much they have.  It empowers them to think differently about their lives, about their money.  Empower!  It is that simple.  Change the normal conversation about money, and one simple step, going back to the green and blue of our earlier blogs, begins the work of putting positive energy to work and then becoming excellent in small steps to make changes in their lives.

I love what I do, and I love the smiles that happen when I engage people over a simple magic wand!



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