The Only Energy We Can See…Are You Green Today?


Light is the only energy we can see.  Colors are powerful manifestations connected to parts of our body.  Each color affects us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Energy work takes on many forms, but simple colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, can also have an effect on our energy.

My logo for Empower Excellence was created with this in mind.  Following my morning meditation, it became clear that sharing the colors and their significance was my mission for the day. I am beginning that mission today with the color green!

To begin anything, we need to feel balanced in a very basic way.  We need love.  We need self control.  Self control includes discipline.  To begin any small work to change our energy requires discipline.  The simple example of getting out of bed in the morning–that requires discipline.  It requires self-control.  There is a balance of what we want and what we know we need to do.  It is the very basic demonstration of need versus want.  If we want to accomplish what we need to accomplish, we have to start the day.  It may not seem like love when you are getting out of bed, but in the end it is love for yourself:  doing what is best for you to do at this moment.  Whether it is getting up to take care of your family, going to school, or going to work, it is all a matter of self-control, love, and balance to accomplish what is yours to do in a day.  

While we cannot see the positive energy that evolves from these simple actions, we can feel that energy.  We can see the green in nature in all seasons.  But feeling the energies what propels us to do what we need to do, even if what we need to do is something we do not necessarily want to do!  Be green today, feel the energy, and maybe see energy in “light”…


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