Positive Energy is Contagious and Better Than Money…Sometimes!

Positive Energy 4 3

ENERGY is one of my favorite go to tools as an entrepreneur, and especially when it  is positive energy having to do with money!  In the last few days, even though Mercury Retrograde was finished last week, there have been more glitches than I can count–it is like Mercury Retrograde liked being with me so much that it decided to stay!  

But I digress.  Energy is more important many days than money.  Positive Energy shows up in my world as enthusiasm, and I can start a day with little enthusiasm, like today, because I am lacking sleep because I stayed up and watched the Democratic Debate.  Yes, Hillary, my former favorite candidate until I discovered she supports Monsanto and their wonderful GMOs, was seen as the winner.  Not in my book!  She shares being a Scorpio with me, and we are the same age, and I have a very strong political background, and I was one of her first bumper sticker people until I discovered that Monsanto character flaw and the bumper sticker was removed  with passion!  No, Bernie Sanders is my man and he was the winner in my book–but I am still digressing!

Give me a reason to be enthusiastic and I am off and running!  Today, it was a Jimmy John’s sandwich that I absolutely loved–a small sample at a meeting this morning, and I found myself at Jimmy John’s before my next stop for the day!  I had never had a Jimmy John’s before, but it set off my enthusiasm mechanism and I have been humming all afternoon.  The Energy follows the Enthusiasm and I am good for days!  

You never know what will set Enthusiasm into motion; you just have to be ready and open to it!  And then the Energy follows, and I will take the Energy over Money any day…because Energy allows you to take the next step to develop the business that will deliver the money dollar by dollar to your door!

Penny by penny, step by step, a business grows from Energy and Enthusiasm.  Trust me.  That has been my formula for the last three years, and it will be my formula forever.  Positive Energy any day!



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