Does “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow” Concept Really Work?

Positive Energy 4 3

We have all heard that if we do what we love, the money will follow.

But do you really believe it.  Does it really work.

It is amazing that I would have thought I was a firm believer, but I am not.

Positive Energy is actually what is needed from all aspects of a venture that you decide to pursue.

You can love a certain work choice; that does not make it automatically profitable.

It is similar to those who believe that the Universe will provide.

You can have a work area that you really, really love, but you better be able to do the work you need to before the money comes to you.  That may go without saying, but in the world of entrepreneurism many folks take off after what they love only to quit within a year or so.  It is the positive energy that makes a venture successful.

Positive energy from the bottom to the top.  Are you positive about the venture?  Are you willing to put your positive energy to work to do all that needs to be done:  cleaning bathrooms, copying paperwork, running to the post office, running to the office supply store, working on draft after draft of mundane emails, adding/deleting names to email lists, etc. etc. etc

The energy of loving what you do, the willingness to do everything to make that venture “be” and become successful one step at a time is what needs to be very positive.  That can be love.  The money will follow if all of the work has been done from beginning to end…That concept does work!


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