Taking Advice From Others About Money & Life!

Favorite Roses

Have you ever been offered advice from someone you love and who loves you regarding money?

The first thing to consider is whether or not this person is happy in theirr money relationship for many times people offer advice when they are not necessarily having such a great time with money in their life.  I do not mean that they are broke; I mean that they are not happy with their money relationship.  They may be living from a compliant place:  they are doing what they “should”, what they “have to”, what they “must”!  They are not committed to what they are doing with their money.  In fact, they may be miserable in their money relationship and are feeling jealousy watching you do what it is that you are committed to!  You need to remember that you were born with the power to be happy in your money relationship; you are committed.  They are being simply compliant!  They have resigned themselves to the life they are living with their money.  Do not resign; recommit!  YOU ARE POWERFUL AND YOU CAN BE HAPPY WITH YOUR MONEY RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT BEING COMPLIANT.



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