Why You Should Do What You Love, No Matter What!

Butter fly Get Your Wings 4 3

Wayne Dyer left this world recently, but Wayne has changed his role in life many times.  I can remember when his constant droning on my sister’s cd player in her car on trips to the islands drove me crazy to the point I wanted to shout “Please, enough already.”  It is ironic that she initially introduced me to Wayne Dyer, and today I am probably the greater student of his works.  I live the teachings of Wayne Dyer and many other new age thinkers.  This quote from Wayne Dyer touched me today because I just shared this sentiment with someone who is in a very sad place and cannot hide it even in a professional setting.  It is so sad!

Someday I would like to live my life as a caterpillar and experience the rebirth that occurs.  Every one of us goes through a caterpillar stage in life, and then, almost instantaneously we become the butterfly.  But, if we fight that transformation, we are miserable and refuse to see what our glory could be.  In the case of the caterpillar, the transformation still happens because that is what their life is all about…to become a butterfly.

Humans have the ability to make certain decisions; and many times humans choose to stay where they are no matter how that makes them feel because they are fearful of the possible change and beauty they could become.  They make choices based on the fear of lack, inadequacy, or change.  They push past the choices that would allow them to do what they love and live in a state of fear, lack, and never having what they deserve.  Wayne Dyer put it so succinctly:




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