Are You Broke?

Stress Chase It Away jpg

Mike Todd once upon a time expressed his thoughts about being broke very simply:

Being broke is a temporary situation.  Being poor is a state of mind.

This is so very true.  As a single parent from the time my sons were 8 and 4, I felt broke 29 days of each month.  My paycheck arrived electronically on the first of the month, and all payments were removed electronically within 48 hours!

I felt rich for those 48 hours and broke for the remainder of the month.  Not a good way to live!

That was 1983 till the mid ’90’s.  Then I felt broke and poor for most of the month because I went on to a commission-based life.  It is no wonder that I am doing what I do with my company today–helping people create peaceful and powerful money relationships.  And that is where I am today with my own entrepreneurial lack of stability.  But it is different.  I have the greatest faith in God and the Universe that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing–my mission in life–and that all will be provided from now on!  It is a great feeling.  I do what I need to do and know that the money will flow, and it does.

I had a poor state of mind for so many years because that was what my life was.  I raised my children.  Had multiple fantastic careers, and now I have arrived at what my path in life is to be.  I do not always know where the path is going, and sometimes I am broke, but I know it is a temporary situation.  I will never ever think that I am poor again because I am not.  I am so filled with a richness of life–the people, the environment, the thoughts.  I am so very rich.  Think about you–are you rich or are you poor?

Be rich and chase away the stress in your life!



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