Your Divine Abundance is With You to Use, to Share, to Love, So put Away the Old Story and Begin the New!


It is a mixed day, but Divine Abundance tends to work that way…some things are good, some things are bad.  But they al end up being a part of our story moving forward.  Deal with the bad, it is the old story and move on to the new.  Today is the start of a second women’s networking group for me.  Success in all ways no matter who is there and who is not–they are there because they are part of the new story of this small part of my life.  They are an ENERGY that is vital not only to my business but more importantly to each of their own businesses.  This new story has SUCCESS written all over it for all of the members, including me!

As for the bad this morning, there is a critter in my kitchen as evidenced by the gifts he is leaving for me.  There are people to handle that, and they have been invoked to resolve the problem while I am away today!

Whatever shall happen, there is always a new story tomorrow!


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