Thoreau Knew A Long Time Ago That “Misfortune is But a Stepping Stone to Fortune”


Life is not a straight path.  Having a plan does not mean that you will reach your objective at the exact time and place that you plan on.  In fact, you will reach an objective, but it is not necessarily even close to the original.  Thoreau put it quite clearly that misfortune is a stepping stone to fortune.  Fortune, like abundance, is personal and subject to your own interpretation.  I am a believer in the concept that we choose our mortal life before we are even conceived.  And even that plan is subject to change constantly.  It is part of the spiritual path of human life.  It is so true that progress takes a lifetime, and the older I get the more I go back to the archives of my life and put things together.  It is kind of like my personal lifetime puzzle, and I am not in a hurry to complete the puzzle because it could be the end of my mortal life, so I keep “working on the puzzle” and pieces keep falling into place, while some pieces are found to be totally in the wrong places.  But it is all good.  And it is also true that as I go back in my life visiting truths I thought I understood that I see deeper and deeper truths…

So make the missteps, experience the misfortunes, and move closer and closer to your fortune and your truth!


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