Is There a Price on Butterflies? Thanks to Doreen Virtue…

IMG_0349Thanks to Doreen Virtue, we have all been brought to understand so much in life.  This illustration from her describing “Let it go!” is a very favorite of mine.  You see, with what I do every day in my own little world of transforming people’s money relationships, letting go of your beliefs, disbeliefs, myths, cultural taboos, religious dogma, and more about money, is very difficult for most.  And add into their lives any kind of “change”, it may very well be chaotic.  

In this morning’s thought from a favorite of mine Tama Kieves, “…don’t monetize the butterflies” brings it all home.  When you are seeking to transform anything, to be free to fly into your next realm like a butterfly, to transform from a caterpillar into that butterfly, please do not put a price tag on the transformation process.  Take it step by step.  Take it from a thought, a dream, a smile, a walk in nature.  It does not have to be formal.  It does not have to be businesslike.  It just has to be you!

Transformation and abundance in your life is a simple recognition of you being enough, and, then, whatever follows is the blessing, the dream, the transformation.




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