Today, What Did I Do For Me?

Today What Did I Do 4 3

It is all up to each of us to do what we need to do to create a personally sustainable world for ourselves.  I am not simply talking environmental sustainability; I am talking sustainability with






the planet!

But it all starts with each of us individually.  


But you have to believe that first before you will commit to taking care of yourself.  And all of us are creative; we flow from the Source of Creativity.  But to be powerful, to be creative, we need to be taken care of.  And who will take care of us if not ourselves?  Personally sustaining ourselves is the foundation from which everything else in our lives flows.

And please do not make an excuse that you do not have the money to take care of yourself.  Eating healthy is no more expensive than eating unhealthy; yes, it takes more time to figure out the “how”, but believe me, I do figure it out.  An example, one pound of organic romaine lettuce prepped properly can create 6 healthy foundations for 6 meals.  Cost–this is where you have to know where to shop–at Whole Foods $1.79 yesterday.  I could go on and on, but you just have to make the commitment to do what is right for yourself.

Meditation can take you to a place of peace and eventually replace, if necessary, pricey medications, alcohol, and more that can help you relax.  But you have to take the time to practice…it is one of the most basic practices in the world, and, if time is your excuse, go to Utunes, type in the search area, short guided meditation for _______________(you name what you need at any given time, such as “short guided meditation for joyful energy”).  As a meditator for almost 20 years, I can take one minute in a parking lot and meditate before a meeting…Meditation is becoming quiet and going within with an intention, even if the intention is as simple as “make me peaceful”.

Exercise is another “free” way to take care of yourself.  You simply put on your shoes and walk out the door, and that is the hardest part.  Once you are out the door, start walking, enjoy nature–it is all around us even in big cities.  Do this daily it can even become a meditative walk while you are exercising.

Laughing is another health tool to take care of yourself….go to the library and check out comedies, and more.  Free.  You do not even have to go to the library if your library has an electronic media lending program!

My point is:  begin to choose to take care of yourself.  Make it a moment to moment choice.  It is living in the moment.  Try it, I hope you will like it because this is the foundation of everything else you want to do in your life!

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