If You Are Looking to Find Excellence in Your Life, Start by Becoming Excellent…a Note About THE EMOTION CODE!


Many years ago now, I began working with a holistic practitioner and soon began to know that he was also a spiritual intuitive.  He was an important part of my life for many years, and then life seemed to be very good about two years ago as I started my own business, Empower Excellence.   It was our joint goal that I did not need to have him in my life forever.  But now, life is happening, and in the Summer I was diagnosed as diabetic.  This among other test results that were phenomenal:  the first mammogram in 15 years that did not require me to come back (and come back again), a great ophthamologic  checkup, blood pressure right where it is supposed to be.  Life was good except for my A1c numbers.  The MD was good, gracious, and scared the living ____ out of me because my goal is to live to be 104+  That was the first visit.  The second visit a month later she changed her demeanor outlining the progression of drugs she had planned for me.  Oops, she forgot our discussion that I am looking for a natural way to reverse this diagnosis and have started on that path.

That did it, and I am seeking my own path.  I am following Dr. Mercola closely on line.  I am eating 100% clean.  I am exercising faithfully.

And yesterday, I read THE EMOTION CODE.  THIS IS A BOOK ON HOW TO RELEASE YOUR TRAPPED EMOTIONS FOR ABUNDANT HEALTH, LOVE AND HAPPINESS written by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Finished the whole book and put some of the practices to work — no time like the present.  I won’t give it away, but I slept through the night and awoke with new resolve and the feeling that the three major emotions that have been evoked by three major people in my life–Virginia, my mother; David, my exhusband; and Rick, the partner in a 25-year illicit love affair–were definitely in the past.  Those emotions were abandonment, resentment, and anger.

It is amazing what happened with the few hours of a weekend, but the timing is never a mistake.  The one person in my life who really tried to be there for me for so many years was my father.  He died 35 years ago tomorrow…his presence is there telling me that all of those three close family and acquaintances were to be let go if I was to achieve the excellence I have been meant to achieve for my whole life.  It is my belief that those who we really care about are always with us whether in this life or in the next.

Yes, I am seeking to empower my own excellence so that I can help others find their excellence.  I needed these emotional blockages to be released so that they can be removed from my soul.  This is a thought:  read THE EMOTION CODE.  The practices in the book were used by my holistic practitioner for me eight years ago.   It was my time to learn how to do some of this on my own because the time was right for me to accelerate my time on my path to excellence.


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