Solutions For You: It Is Tough to Market, So Cater to the Media!

financial stress jpg

the media is all around us whether it is print, electronic, social, music, and more.  think about my dilemma–I market “money solutions”, and, while everyone wants money solutions, no one wants to admit seriously that they have a problem with their money.  no one wants to attend a seminar where everyone has a “money problem”…what a bunch of losers?  no one wants to admit that they are not making enough money to pay their monthly bills…what is your problem?

so, what to do?

so I pull out the human interest, and the media likes it.  everyone likes to have their heart strings tugged at.  what is your instant reaction to the words above?  let’s, for example, take “corporate greed”.  everyone talks about the horrible corporations and all of the bad things they do…  talk about how a major corporation has hurt a local family and everyone wants to read about it, hear about it, see it on the news.  but what if that story is yours, then the interest lasts for a millisecond and everyone is then on to something else, and you are left with the spoils of the day!

so, what to do?


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