Truth–The Connector and Expander for All

brave jpg

Being truthful can be being brave, but it is also the only thing I know.  The truth.  For many years, I felt compelled to always be honest.  It is a part of my Catholic education, of course, but it is also ethical and reflective of values that I hold near and dear.  There have been times that I have been too truthful, but I am learning at this time in my life to think whatever I want but to say only that which is kind.  I can think the truth in an unfettered way, but to speak the truth, being kind is also important.  But there is another part of truth that I must share.  I have learned that by sharing my truth it gives me the chance not only to connect with others but also to expand their view of me and my view of them.  Very useful, I must say.  The Truth!

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