What Does Sleep and Serenity Have To Do With Money?

child dreaming

It is Friday.  It is the Weekend.  It is a time when people try to catch up on their sleep and find serenity in their life.  Those are two very important parts of everyone’s life.  Add in Sunshine as well!  But take a moment and do these things not only on the weekend but also every day.  That is a lot to add to the schedules of busy people, but it is important:  Sleep, Serenity (Meditation), Sunshine are all parts of a healthy physical regime.  Add these activities to good food and physical exercise, and you have a good daily routine for health.  And health is important in many ways for your relationship with money.  Stay healthy, spend less money.  Stay healthy, have fewer sick days–mentally and physically.  Stay healthy, enjoy your life with money and with all parts of living!  Taking care of yourself is important no matter how young or old you may be.  And just like every other part of your life, your money relationship will bear dividends that will affect your total life,  Be good to yourself today, this weekend, and every day!




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