Are You An Anxiety Woman?

Anxiety Girl (Kathy as appearing on FB 8 23 15)

First of all, let me give the appropriate credit, this appears to be the cartoon character, Kathy, as she appeared in a Facebook post that appeared today in my news feed.  

So many of us fall into this characterization especially when it comes to money!  One little thing goes wrong, like:

  • Losing Your Job
  • Losing Your Mind
  • Losing Your Spouse Through Divorce (If it is through death, you are entitled!)
  • Losing Your Keys
  • Having a Bad Hair Day
  • Your Child is Sick Enough to Stay Home
  • You are Sick Enough to Stay Home
  • You find that your significant other is on the “Ashley Madison” site
  • You find that you are on the “Ashley Madison” site
  • Hating Your Job
  • Hating Your Boss
  • You are the Boss, and your employees hate you
  • Your car will not start
  • Traffic is backed up with a 20 minute delay
  • shall I go on, or you get the idea by now…

But what is so interesting, because money is so intertwined into all parts of our lives, the anxiety returns to the money component of each of the above…  And then we are “anxious” not only about the item that triggered the anxiety but also about what it will mean to the money in our life!

And we do it in a single bound!

What I do in my life of working a lot with women and their money relationships is find the way to slow down the process of creating anxiety with every single life event…

Yes, it can be done.  I have been the whole route, divorced when my two sons were 4 and 8, and I was truly the single parent.  Their father truly reappeared when they became adults and as he began to age and needed them to help him out!  I have lived paycheck to paycheck for most of my adult life after being raised by Depression-era parents who always believed “there is not enough” for anything I might have wanted.  So I have devoted myself to the mission and passion of bringing peace, power, and passion to your money relationship.

  1. A quick way to stave off anxiety is to breathe deeply and slowly for at least a few minutes.
  2. Then ask yourself “what is the worst possible outcome of this situation?”
  3. Breathe again, and then
  4. Force yourself to laugh at the situation
  5. Go on with life as it is now!



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