Spread Your Wings! Fly In Every Part of Your Life! Especially With Money!

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Your time is now.  Your wings are ready.  So allow your wings to do what they are meant to do:  fly!

It was a beautiful sight this morning from my deck where I work out “almost” daily.  There was a miniature cardinal in the pine tree.  He checked me out, I checked him out, and off he flew because that is what he is supposed to do.  He may have been a “baby” bird, but he was wise enough to know not to question what he is supposed to do and just do it!  So it is with our lives, we are meant to “fly” when we first see colors, when we first cry, when we first coo, when we first smile, when we first hold out our arms, when we first learn to turn our bodies over, and on and on and on.  There is no one there telling us the mechanics.  There is someone there nurturing us, loving us, and encouraging us by their reactions to whatever we try to do.  And that continues throughout our life.  

Sooner or later we learn that we ourselves can nurture, love, and encourage ourselves.  And, our reactions to our successes and failures also has an impact.  Possibly our personal reaction is stronger than anyone else’s, and a negative reaction can be devastating to our heart, our soul, and our mind.  Eventually it can also be devastating to our body.

So believe in your ability to do whatever it is you want to do.  Believe that you have your wings to be an adult and do adult things.  Start small, work up to the big things in your plan for your life, but do it!

Spread Your Wings!  

Fly In Every Part of Your Life!

Especially with Money–Your Energy Spreads to Your Money Life–Make it Positive!


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