What Is Your Story? Is It Time to Let It Go and Create a New Story? You Can Write Your Story Any Way You Want It!


The time is now.  The story is yours.  If the stories you have been telling yourself and others for years have not produced the success you are looking for, then maybe it is time to stop believing your old stories and begin writing your new stories…

It takes a sense of commitment to yourself to look at yourself, look at your stories, and then to decide what your story will be.  Just recently, I have begun the process again.  I have done it before, but this time it is much more thorough, and I am letting my real story become my story.  There is no more avoidance of sharing the alcoholism in my family or the dysfunction in my family.  I accept now that I became who I am because of the strengths I needed to develop as a child in that situation.  I accept now that I am facing those facts while my siblings prefer to put them in a closet somewhere and not let them out, because “they are the past”.  Yes, they are in the past, they are the old stories that we grew up with, but you have to face them in order to let them go.

When my parents passed, I was at peace with them and what they introduced into our lives.  They were doing the best they could with what they knew how to do.  That is the old story.

I tried my best to be the parent I did not have.  Not only to my sons but also to myself.  As a family today, I think we are close and supportive of each other.  This is a new story.

My sisters and I are not close at all; not even communicative in most situations.  That is an old story.  I cannot write their stories, only mine.  

 Accepting the old stories with love is my belief.  Saying “Goodbye” to them with respect is my belief.  

Now I am writing the new stories about me, about family, and about the success I was meant to achieve.  Today I empathize with my strengths and the strengths of others rather than any weakness.

The old stories are only the “Introduction” to the new stories.  The new stories are what I and others will remember, but the “Introduction” will be the story of how I got here where I am today.  It is living in the moment; it is the power of now as Eckhart Tolle as memorialized.  

The new stories are all about love, grace, gratitude, and what my mission in life has been since before my birth.  I am here to be excellent and to help others become empowered in their lives.  My pathway to help is one of financial energy.  Energy begins with our birth and continues until our transition.  It is up to each and every one of us to empower that energy and become excellent on our own pathway — and I am here to help others achieve that!



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