Sometimes Procrastination Is Not Procrastination; It Is Divine Timing, Especially With Money!

IMG_854833149154it is Friday, and it is the end of the week, a very busy week where I have been on the road most of the days.  Now I am back at my desk trying to organize it all.  That was to be the mission for the day along with producing a monthly networking newsletter.  Well, I am more organized but the newsletter will have to wait until tomorrow.  Oh well, is that procrastination?  I think not, I am exhausted, and I am brain dead.  It is time to call it a week and start the new one tomorrow!

but today, I learned why I thought I had been procrastinating on a financial program that has been very well received, and it needs more attention and promotion, and it just has not gotten done!  and then today at a lunch with a long time acquaintance, he came up with the piece that propels that idea of mine into a really great way to promote it.  It was a “thank you, God” moment.

So now the project gets put into the “immediate” pile with  great many other items that need to be done “today”. but it is not going to happen today.  If that is procrastination, so be it.  I need to turn off the brain, rest, relax, and recreate until tomorrow….  That is not procrastination, it is wisdom!


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