Clarity & Openmindedness in Everyday Events: I Think It It Just Being Flexible!

Butterflies Abstract

You may notice by the illustration and font this morning that I am in a fairly light mood. A great 8 hours of continuous sleep, the climatic change overnight from high temperatures with high humidity to the 70’s and sunshiny low humidity, a healthy breakfast with blood sugar numbers improving, and lab results from ultrasound…all of these things were good to wake up to.  But then just waking up is a calling for gratitude.  Plus a morning meditation about gratitude helped.  A much needed hair appointment was rescheduled by text message; really did upset the plan for the week, but flexibility kicked in with the secondary thought that the finances were better suited for the new time and date!  Ok.  I get that.  Thank you, God, it alleviated some worry.  Then a knock on the door with me still in my skimpy summer sleeping apparel; it turns out the window replacement person was here with my window without even a phone call early in the morning.  Flexibility kicked in, he offered to come back, but what the heck, the ego said what the heck, and he came in and replaced the window with the broken seal giving me a really clean window that I normally cannot manipulate to clean–that was only bothering me for at least 3 years, not the seal, but the dirty window!  Thank you, God, for the beautiful view!  Then the ultrasound results arrived; I cannot really understand them but I see my doctor in early August, so I will have to wait.  For me, that is good, it keeps me from getting stressed and will give some solid blood numbers until then.  Handling one thing at a time has never been my strong suit.  Flexibility is coming easier these days.  And then of to the pool after a short journaling session on the deck with the birds singing and God whispering through the pine trees talking through the wind!  Into the bathing suit and off to the pool for my 40 minute workout…absolutely beautiful day at the pool with blue skies, sunshine, and only one out of shape middle-aged man on a lounge chair trying to get a tan but on his cell phone the whole time complaining to one person after another.  Upon my departure, I heard myself saying silently “OMG will I ever find a man who deserves me?  Not here, not now.”  But God knows when that will happen.  I need open-mindedness and clarity about what I want…and maybe more lessons in flexibility!


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