Being Powerless Can Sometimes Bring Stillness Out of Chaos!

Be Still Candles 4 3

Working with money for years has brought chaos into my life as I help others try to find a peaceful relationship with their money/  It is always a challenge but always rewarding as the stillness begins to settle in and take the place of the chaos they had brought to the table.  In so many cases, individuals try to get control of their money when they may be powerless in the situation.

They may have lost a job, lost their home, lost their significant other, lost their common sense when it came to spending.  It is a strong move to come to me for coaching and admitting that they are truly powerless, they do not know what to do.

No matter if it is money or any other life situation that is chaotic, when they make a date to meet with me, they are pretty much out of control, they are in chaos.  But, and this is an important “but”, they call on me when they feel they are powerless and look to me for answers on how to exit the chaos.  They are looking for accountability, they are looking for a personal stillness in their life; they are looking for peace where none exists at that moment. 

The first step is to be still, to learn how to breathe again.  Being still and breathing can bring the power back in small simple steps.

Be still, breathe, find your power.  It is not gone, it is just hiding from all of the chaos!


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