On the Road to 104+, Can I Use My Magic Wand to Make People Disappear?

Magic Wand with credit jpg

The magic wands I use in my business are meant to make people relax and be open to what it is that they want to change in their relationship with money.  But I guess they could be used for anything that needs to become open in their life so that it can be improved in their relationships with others.    Here today I bequeath a magic wand to a person named Joyce.  Without breaking confidences, she really needs a magic wand to open up her heart so that she can become a listener rather than a bull in the china shop whenever she disagrees with someone.  Perhaps I have become too astute in the listening area because I can read a person’s body language over the phone.  I can see her rolling her eyes and preparing her speech in response to anything I say.  Yes, I avoid her by not calling her and also by emailing her when I need to ask a pertinent question that she has the answer to.  It is not a case of judging, it is a case that I cringe when i see her name on caller id.  This morning I needed the answer to the question that I initially asked in an email several days ago.  I need the information for an appointment first thing tomorrow morning.  So I answered it.   I was simply being courteous and grateful by taking the call.  My mistake!   So I offer a magic wand to Joyce to use however she sees fit, and I offer it in a selfish manner because if she was more open, maybe even happier, I would be much happier talking with her. 

P.S.  I would “block” her but Joyce is my sister!  You know how that goes…



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