Am I In the Flow or Not? On the Road to 104+

flowing water free jpeg 7 16 15

Turbulence Happens!

I like to think I am in the flow most moments.  But life happens, and then I feel like I am out of the flow, standing on the shore, waiting for the moment to jump back in.  But it is hard to jump back in when you are out of the flow.  I feel like I am stagnating at times…and just like stagnant water, it takes a while to get some turbulence gong to stir things up.

Being a young entrepreneur in terms of my business, there are flowing days and then not so flowing days, whether it is energy, cash flow, or clients that shut down the flow.  Some days that matters, and some days it does not.  Since I deal with money topics whether it is clients’ needs, networking group needs, or just cash flow, it is important to keep the flow going.  Too much turbulence and things get crazy, too little movement and things get stagnant.  No matter, it is my goal to keep the flow going in all areas of my life.

Ironically, to keep the flow going, it is important to slow down the flow within my head, heart, and soul.  Meditation, quiet time, and peaceful walking help me do that.  I guess it is all about keeping myself calm and steady, just like steering a canoe  through rapids and calm water all in one day…the steadier I am, the more successful trip down the river.

I guess that really is true.


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