Sometimes It is Good to Surprise People…Especially on the Road to 104+!


Ok, today I am an entrepreneur with the title of Transformational Money Coach.

but I have been many different people in my past life

Financial Planner

Bank Manager

Candidate for State Representative

Adjunct Faculty Member at a Community College

District Administrator for a US Congressman

The Litter Lady for the City of Mentor

A Marketing Representative for a Consumer Products Company

President of a Collegiate Student Government

and more and more and more!

So, when I recently shared through a networking event icebreaker that I worked at Ambiance, the Store for Lovers in Northeast Ohio, there was a little disbelief because as I was told I am so “straight laced”!

but like everyone, I do believe we have different sides to our personalities, and Ambiance is one of those sides that only a few special people ever see.  That does not mean that it does not exist.  

My life on the road to 104+ will be full of surprises, some that I share, and some that I don’t!


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