Empowerment and Money, What Does It Really Mean, and How Does It Affect You/

God's Diamond

You were born empowered.  You were born having already chosen your mission in this life.  You joined all of Nature at exactly the right time for you.  You entered this world the same way everyone else does–with your chosen parents being the vehicle of your entry.  You were nurtured and grew in exactly the right way for your mission.  But, as you grew, you may have forgotten that chosen mission.  Life got in the way, but your soul and God did not forget the mission you chose.  Years go by, and you become an adult.  It takes many of us many more years than others to peel back the years, to find the mission we chose.  In some cases, we spend years preparing–a part of the chosen mission–for our exact mission.  Some may never find it because their soul has been sublimated for earthly missions of others, not necessarily for their mission.  Some of us find our mission and pursue it with unbridled passion.  Some of us have more than one mission.  I don’t think there was a rule in “mission picking” that outlawed multi-tasking.  I wish there was as I feel called to do so many things.  It is the mission that empowers us from within, and it is the faith of others in our life who help empower us by bringing us back to that original purpose.  Part of my mission is to empower others mainly with money.  That does not mean that I empower you to seek money.  It means that I empower you to be comfortable with the money in your life, no matter how little or how much you may have or want.  Life does get in everyone’s way with their relationship with money, and that is very unfortunate because money is the barter we use to nurture ourselves, educate ourselves, and so much more.  I help to get it out of your way and get back on track for what your mission in life and how you can use money to get you there.  It does affect everyone…  Our life today is dependent upon all of us being nurtured in all ways, and money is the vehicle for that to happen among so many other “natural” resources you possess.  Money often stands in the way.  You need to get money into its proper perspective to live the life you came here to live and to achieve your mission your soul chose for you before you were conceived.

So become empowered with your money.  It is all about your soul’s original mission coming to Earth… Your personal empowerment will affect everything in your life because you are your life…


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