Things and timing!


It is Saturday, truly a time to unplug, but lately Saturdays, even when I plan them differently, turn out to be work days.  It is the life of an entrepreneur who is truly building their business, which I know will be forever, because I am an entrepreneur–there are always new things to do!

Weekdays are networking, client meetings, and learning adventures!  All of these things are necessary to keep the brain going and the business going.  I love all of those things, too.

And then there was this week…  While I try to let the news of the world pass right on by because the vibrations many times are negative.  God did not put me here to solve the problems of the world.  I have my mission, my people, and I am very vigilant about keeping up with those parts of my life.  But this week was something else.

With my extensive background with government and financial services, I do manage to get dragged into current events, feel the vibration, and then be affected by the happenings of the world.  This week was monumental in several ways for me.

Fugitives on the run bother me; people can tend to be erratic when they are being pursued–somehow they do not feel there is a way to turn their situation around.  One New York fugitive is still on the run after his fellow escapee was found and killed.  Killing bothers me no matter what the circumstance.  Life is precious no matter what the circumstances are.

The South Carolina murders and the subsequent funerals really bothered me…life is so tentative.  None of us know when our Earth journey is complete.  What really was inspiring this week was the funeral where President Obama gave the eulogy, and then, totally out of the presidential demeanor led the congregation in “Amazing Grace”.  That still gives me goose bumps as I write this!  There are moments in this presidency that I am totally awe inspired.

The weather this week in Northeast Ohio has been like the 40-day floods, and rain is predicted every day for the next week.  The loss for people and the disruption to their lives in my own communities is eye-opening.  It is amazing how focused they have been on material things in their lives.  People have not died because of this weather…but their material goods have definitely found their way to the curbs from rain and flood damage.

So far this week the taking of lives in our country and elsewhere by the hands of other humans far overshadows for me the loss of material goods.

But the most awe-inspiring time this week was the Supreme Court decision on marriage.  There is no more to say.  This is a definite paradigm shift in the United States.  It took a long time, but life is sacred, and love is more sacred.  There is nothing more enabling than love…

Love can heal everyone and everything.  That says it all.  It is all about love.  It is not all about money or things.  It is all about love.

Timing sometimes amazes us…marriage is all about love, about family.  Love can overcome terrorism, prison escapees, racial-inspired deaths, and much more.  Love is really what Mother Nature is all about.  Really.  Her pouring of the waters upon us in the form of rain is a matter of sustaining life.  In the big picture.  The timing in our life is not something we are told about in advance.  Life happens, stuff happens, but love is always happening.  Love is the one thing we can control.


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