Christmas Is Only 6 Months Away…Are You Ready?

DSC00625Yes, Christmas is only 6 months away…it is a cloudy day here, but it is great compared to snow and ice.  Love snow if I can watch it from my window or take a walk in the peacefulness of a new snowfall…  So why am I talking about Christmas?  Because it takes time to get ready for Christmas.  With many of my clients looking for a better relationship with money, they need to have a Christmas frame of mind all year.  Yes, they do. They need to be good to themselves all year.  They need to let go of the fear of “bring alone” during the holidays and all year.  They need to have a “Christmas heart” especially about themselves, being kind and generous and ready to give themselves what they need.  It isn’t always about money, it is about self-esteem, it is about being ok in their own body no matter if they are alone or with others.  They need to be ok all of the time; but, if they are not right now, they have 6 months till Christmas…

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