Did You Know…Graciousness and Generosity Do Expire? Gratitude Does Not!

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it is a conscious choice when I do my blogs which font I use and if it is bold

today, in a spirit of humility and gratitude, it is all lower case, but bold

so, while gratitude is limitless in my heart and soul, and I feel the same about graciousness and generosity, if I have extended generosity to you in my limited form as an entrepreneur–time or invitations–know that I do these in a very unselfish way to benefit you.  at the same time, if you are not a grateful recipient, and that can manifest itself in many ways, it hits to my very core, and, sooner or later, I direct my graciousness and generosity to others.  No offense to you since it may not be the right thing for you to accept at any given time, but as a true Scorpio, I do reach a point where I stop behaving in the ways that bring me disappointment in your reception of my intended gifts.  

I want to share my abundance, but abundance also includes receiving gracefully.  Stop the graciousness and the sharing in my abundance ceases…at least with you…and is shared elsewhere.


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