Courage, The Universe, Questions We Ask But Do Not Want the Answers To…

Courage through Questions Red Umbrellas

why do we feel so insignificant at certain moments of our life?

why do we feel affected by world situations but really do not listen to the answers to our questions about these situations?

so much is happening all of the time in all parts of our worlds:  in our hometowns, in our country, in our world, and in the Universe

just yesterday in Northeast Ohio a “terrorist” was arrested

just two days ago, a gunman attended a bible study and then deliberately shot 7 other participants

just two days ago, Pope Francis released his encyclical about Climate Change

but we are still living in our complacency

placing the reasoning for our inaction on




and more

But the answers keep coming to the question “Why?” which I am sure each of us has asked to all of the above questions at one time or another:  WHY terrorism?  WHY hate?  WHY destruction of our home, the Universe?

But because we do feel insignificant in our own moment, our own little world, most of us do nothing…

Do not let MONEY, location, or FEAR stop you from doing one little thing about each of the above situations…

Yes, paying attention to the answers to our questions and then acting is significant…


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